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Customer Care and Preventative Maintenance Tips

Fluid Leaks Are The Major
Cause Of Transmission Failure!

An automatic transmission is a hydraulic system that operates on pressurized oil (fluid). This fluid lubricates the transmission and applies various friction devices such as (clutches and bands) at specific times to change gears and transfer power from the engine to the drive wheels. When the fluid drops below a secure level, lubrication and hydraulic pressure decrease, causing extreme wear to major transmission components and in some cases, immediate failure.

With the large number of self-service gas stations, drivers are not checking fluid levels of many major vehicle systems, as they should. These include motor oil, brake and power steering fluid, antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, and of course, transmission fluid.

If you park on the street or in different spaces everyday check for oil stains before and after you’ve parked there to see if you left any new ones.

Maintain Your Transmission

Anything that has virtually 1,000 parts is expected to be expensive to repair. So investing periodically in replacement of the fluid and filter along with a thorough inspection can only serve to extend the transmission’s life and could save you thousands of dollars eventually.


Check Your Fluid Levels!

We recommend you check the fluid about every 3000 miles. If it is low add the proper type of fluid until it reaches the full mark. Do not overfill. Although overfilling will probably not do damage because the transmission will push out any excess through its venting system, that excess oil could drip onto hot engine or exhaust components perhaps causing a fire.

Transmission fluid does not evaporate, nor does it burn like motor oil might through an engine. If transmission fluid is low it has definitely leaked out somewhere.

The best course of action is to bring the vehicle to SMT and Complete Automotive Care immediately so we can perform a free diagnostic procedure (which includeds a leak check and computer diagnostic).


Maintenance Tips

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